Construction materials

Construction materials

Kourosh Trading Company is ready to cooperate and provide services to all employers, mass builders and contractors in the construction industry with the aim of providing the materials needed for construction projects. Our company is active in importing all kinds of construction materials such as cement, ceramic and tiles, wood glue, rebar, paint, profiles and Bitumen.

Cement export/import

 Cement is widely used around the world as a building material. Cement puts other materials together and, after hardening, binds them together, and this material is generally produced from the chemical composition of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron and other elements under very controlled conditions. Its application in various fields of construction has made it a key material and there is a growing demand for various types of cement in many fields, including important engineering constructions such as bridges, valves, dams, tunnels. , Making connections for pipes, creating resistance to water penetration in buildings and floors, preparing foundations, sidewalks, paving, etc. We are able to supply all types of cement in accordance with national and international standards, and with the help of our professional and complete advice in all stages of cement purchase and transportation, we will provide the best services in the shortest time effectively


• Types of cement

Portland cement Type I or Ordinary Portland Cement: This cement is known as the most widely used cement. It is used in the construction of buildings and prefabricated concrete, especially concrete that is not in contact with soil or groundwater. Also recommended in public construction (most buildings, bridges, sidewalks, prefabricated units, etc.). Ordinary cement is used for general purposes where no special properties of concrete are required.

• Portland cement type two

This type of cement is produced to resist sulfate attack. Sulfate attack is an important phenomenon that can cause severe and serious damage to concrete structures. Its use is recommended when the structure is exposed to soil or water containing sulfate ions or when the concrete is against the soil with moderate sulfate levels. This type of cement releases less heat during the hydration process when mixed with water. Its value and price are almost the same as ordinary Portland cement..

• White Portland cement:

This cement is similar to ordinary Portland cement in every way and the only difference is its high degree of whiteness. In the production of this type of cement, raw materials are used that contain very little iron and magnesium; because these elements make the color of cement gray. In fact, the presence of these elements does not change the properties of the cement paste. Since this type of cement is much more expensive than ordinary Portland cement, it is usually used only in the field of architecture. Whiteness, high durability this type of cement is considered a great advantage that has created many opportunities for decorative architecture of exterior and interior of buildings. White Portland cement can be used to create different colors of concrete from white to light and pastel colors.

• Tiles

Tiles have many types and uses, and each has a degree of resistance that varies according to the place of application and the amount of pressure and friction received. Each of these types has its own place, and it can hardly be used other than in the place designated for it. Therefore, before choosing a tile, it is necessary to determine what surface you need, in order to make it easier to choose a tile that suits it.

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