Monopotassium phosphate (0-52-34)

(Mono Potassium Phosphate (MPK

Product of SICO, Belgium

Very high solubility and purity

Free of nitrogen, chlorine and sodium

It has low salinity and pH, so it is safe for humans and plants.

Can be used in two ways, spraying and injecting into the soil (fertilizer irrigation)

It is suitable for preparing mixed fertilizers and producing liquid chemical fertilizers.

Other: the supplier of potassium and phosphorus needed by the plant, especially during rooting and increasing the amount of sugar in the plant and its quality.


Potassium sulfate


Product of SICO Belgium

High dissolution rate

Being free from any heavy metals and chlorine, sodium and nitrogen compounds

It has acidifying properties and as a result increases the sulfur content of the soil.

It is in the form of white crystals.

Others: increasing the resistance of plants to drought and diseases, reducing the risk of frost and increasing the amount of flowering.


Calcium nitrate + boron

Calcium Nitrate + Boron

Product of SICO Belgium

It has extremely high solubility and absorption

Suitable for use in irrigation fertilizer and foliar application and drip applications

White color

It has 0.3% boron which is effective in plant reproduction and pollination, pollen tube growth, seed production and fruit formation.

Other: Its seeds are not lumpy at all and dissolve easily when in contact with water.

If fruit trees are sprayed with foliar spray, it causes the flesh of the fruit to harden, prevents the occurrence of cork stain and the shriveling of apples and pears, occasional rotting in plants such as watermelon and tomatoes, and increases the storage time of fruits.


Siko Up-urea phosphate NPK 0-44-17)

SICO-UP 17-44-0 UREA PHOSPHATE technical

Product of SICO, Belgium

It has the highest solubility among all phosphorus compounds

Help to acidify alkaline and calcareous soils

Reducing the hardness of water or preventing sedimentation in pipes and drip irrigation equipment, drippers and nozzles, and the need for acid washing of the equipment

Others: By reducing the pH of the environment and absorbing bicarbonate of water, it causes higher solubility of micronutrient elements. It plays a significant role in increasing root formation at the beginning of planting, helping to rooting and establishment of greenhouse and agricultural plants such as wheat, barley, corn, vegetables and summer herbs.


Iron chelate 6% (ortho-ortho 4.8%)


Product of SICO Belgium

Has a high percentage of ortho-ortho isomer

Ability to quickly and easily dissolve in water

High protection of micronutrients against rainfall in the high range of PH (between 4 and 9)

Suitable for all kinds of fertilizing methods (fertilizer with high-tech irrigation or outdoors and injection into the soil)

Compatible with all kinds of water-soluble fertilizers

Others: Iron is essential for the formation of plant tissue and plays a fundamental role in plant respiration. The proper amount of iron in the plant activates photosynthesis, improves the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, and iron chelate will meet this need.


Crystalline humic acid


Product of SICO Belgium

Dark brown crystalline powder

It has a high percentage of humic acid and fulvic acid

Increasing the percentage of seed germination

Free of metal contaminants

Suitable for producing organic products

Other: The compounds in Homeplex stimulate the soil and increase fertility by increasing the activity of micro-organisms. Nutrient elements such as phosphorus will be more easily available to the roots and plant growth will increase.

Increases the ability to absorb all elements.


Liquid humic acid


Product of SICO Belgium

Appearance: liquid

Color: Black / Brown

A combination of humic acid and sulfuric acid

Environmental stress moderator

A solution without suspended solid particles

Others: It increases soil fertility and increases ventilation and water retention in the soil.


Potassium nitrate 46-0-13


Product of SICO Belgium

Very high solubility

Chlorine free

Can be used on all types of plants

Can be used as fertilizer and irrigation

Reducing soil salinity

Others: It is recommended due to the appropriate ratio of nitrogen and potassium, especially during flowering and fruit ripening.

Has the feature of not clumping.


Seiko Green NPK 20-20-20


Product of SICO, Belgium

Compositions: nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, iron, manganese, zinc, copper

Can be used as foliar spraying and injection in soil

Free of sodium, chlorine and bar elements

Suitable for salty soils and can be used during the growing season of the balanced growth enhancing plant

Other: Its micronutrient elements are also in the form of chelates.


Seiko Green NPK 36-12-12


Product of SICO, Belgium

Complete fertility fertilizer containing elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (with a high percentage) and all micronutrient elements

100% soluble in water

It does not contain urea nitrogen

Can be used as foliar spraying and irrigation fertilizer

Other: It has the maximum amount of potassium to increase reproductive growth, enhance flowering, improve fruit quality and coloring, increase the amount of first-class product and increase frost resistance.


Siko Green NPK 30-5-15


Product of SICO, Belgium

Complete NPK fertilizer with micronutrient elements

Can be used as irrigation fertilizer and foliar spraying

Free of sodium and chlorine, so it is suitable for salty soils.

Other: Due to the high amount of potassium, this fertilizer is suitable for the reproductive growth stage of the plant.

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