Skin & Hair Care

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Eyelash lotion

Treatment of eyelash loss and increasing their length and thickness

Eyebrow Vitalize serum

Increasing the length, thickness and volume of eyebrowو

Preventing eyebrow loss

Keratin Hair serum

60 ml

120 ml

Strengthening the hair shaft and repairing its damage

Rich in keratin to replace lost hair keratin

Pro-Min shampoo

Strengthening the scalp and preventing hair 

Hair loss control

Pro-Min Tonic

Hair growth stimulator

Eliminate hair loss caused by hormonal and hereditary changes

Implant shampoo foam

Nourishes and strengthens implanted hair follicles

Face and neck cream

Dry and oily skins

Hydrating and detoxifying

Sunogen sunscreen


Light beige

Natural beige

Dark beige

Rose light

Hand hydrating & detoxifying cream

Normal and oily skins

Effective moisturizing and prevention of dryness and wrinkles

Skin repairing cream

Repair and regeneration of skin damaged by wounds, burns, laser

Healing of inflammation, redness, burning and itching at the site of wounds and burns

Anti wrinkle eye cream

Reducing the depth of deep wrinkles and removing superficial wrinkles

Hair mask for colored hair

Stabilizing and increasing the durability of hair color

Hair mask for dry & damaged hair

Revitalizing and restoring dry and damaged hair

Hair mask for thin hair

Increasing the flexibility and strength of thin hair

Biphasic hair serum for dry and damaged hairs

Prevention and repair of dry and damaged hair

Biphasic hair serum for colored hair

Stabilizing and increasing the durability of hair color

Anti frizz smoothing serum

Intense moisturizing foot cream

Removal of heel cracks

Make up primer

Oily and dry skin

Wheat germ shampoo

Rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals of wheat germ Hair root strengthener

Fortifying shampoo

Strengthens hair roots Hair loss control